Bilanx Group

Since 1978 advising Business Administration


Gneral civil law

Obligations and contracts.

Private contracts

CPurchase-sale of real estate

Reclamations of quantities and nonpayments. Monitorial process.

Voluntary jurisdiction processes

Declarations of new construction and division in regimen of horizontal property.

Family rights and succesions

Civil Marriage Contracts - Separations and Divorces. - Liquidation of conjugal societies.

Reclamation of unpaid pensions

Modification of Effects.

Unions de facto.

Modificació d'Efectes.

Unions de Fet.

Drawing up of wills.

Declarations of heirs

Documents of manifestation and acceptance of inheritance

Urban rental

Redaction of contracts for rental of housing and business premises

Eviction due to non-payment Precarious.

Reclamation of non-payment of rent

Labor rights


Voluntary extinction of contracts.


Regulatory proceedings of employment

Mercantile law

Action pertaining to exchange (bills of exchange, cheques, promissory notes).

Set up of companies and study and redaction of social statutes - Increase and decrease of social capital andmodification of statutes.

Nomination of positions and negotiation with notaries and the Comercial Registry.

Attendance at boards

Study and redaction of contracts.

Insolvent situations.

Fusions, divisions and transformations of societies.

Liquidation and dissolution of societies.

Legal advice for the company, in all aspects that affect the development, management and good function of its activities.