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Fiscal acounting Barcelona

This is the main area of the group, because the others (labour, commercial law…) are linked and have legal and accountant repercussions. Our professionals are experts in the area; they guarantee an excellent personalised service, from an adequate tributary advice to our integrated support in the accounting process of your company.

Our wide experience in tribute and account management allows us to work with a rigorous method that guarantees the excellence, by supervising your department or by directly processing the account records of your company; we dispose of a wide range of tools for facilitating the work and for obtaining the maximum saving in costs.

We jointly plan the supervision of your company in order to obtain the maximum fiscal economy.

Advice fiscal

Advices relative to tributary and accountant matters, generally of the company. Study and planning of the fiscal alternatives most convenient for the company, with the aim of reducing to a maximum (in accordance with the law) the taxes to be paid.


Confection and transaction in your case, of the periodical tributary declarations, (VAT, TAX COMPANY, INCOME TAX, PAYMENT TO ACCOUNT OF THE SOCIETY TAX, etc).


Prompt information (verbal or written) concerning the legal news most relevant insomuch as its importance for the company.


Technical assistance faced with the Inspection and/or verifications of fiscal authorities.


Against acts, settlements or requisitions of the Tributary Administration.

Reports and special studies

On tributary situations for new inversions or companies, fiscal auditing ,merging divisions and non moneyed contributions, updating of balances. International Taxation. Related Operations & Transfer Prices.