Asesorķa fiscal y laboral en Barcelona

Bilanx Group

Tax and account Advisers

Since 1978, advising companies and professionals.

Offices in Madrid and Barcelona.

Advisors and associated Auditors

Tax and account Advisers

Labor Consultants

Legal Auditing

Legal Consultants


Professional Team

Our team consists of highly qualified personnel.

Graduates in Law, Business Administration, Auditors ...

Professionals with over 40 years experience.

Advisors, auditors, lawyers ...


Since 1978 we join efforts to provide companies

Formation and recycling

In permanent retraining

World Services

Clients arround the world


The Firm

Since 1978 we join efforts to provide companies a completely range of services in the legal, economical and financial mark; our vocation always was and will be to increase the companies value, attending that our professional interventions are conducted to reduce the risk derivate of taxes and labours contingencies, and any possible situation that will be suppose a reduction of the companies value.

Since our foundation and supported of our two basic pillars: the auditing and the taxation, we add successively different activities to get a completely professional offers in the business consulting.

Our experience has been marked for the next triad: training, recycling and experience. For this, we can offer to our clients a guaranteed human team with a permanent professional retraining, and with the experience gained during the years of existence of our firm. With this knowledge we are sure to confront with success the challenges of the XXI century.


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