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At Bilanx, we are a law firm specialized in civil law in Barcelona. Our team of highly trained attorneys focuses on providing comprehensive and effective legal solutions to clients seeking legal advice in a wide variety of civil matters.

Civil Law Services Barcelona

We offer a wide range of civil law services, including:

Advice on contracts

From drafting and reviewing contracts to resolving related disputes, our team of expert civil law attorneys guide our clients throughout the entire process.

Resolution of civil disputes

If a dispute arises related to a civil matter, our team of specialized civil law attorneys can help our clients resolve the situation efficiently and effectively.

civil liability

If our clients face a civil liability claim, we provide legal advice at all stages of the process, from investigation to resolution of the claim.

Family Law

In the event of divorce, separation or guardianship, our team of lawyers specialized in civil law can provide legal solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Inheritances and successions

If our clients need legal advice on inheritance and succession matters, our expert civil law lawyers can provide effective legal solutions to ensure that your interests are protected.

Rights in rem

We offer guidance and legal support on issues related to the rights and obligations arising from the possession, use and enjoyment of real estate.

What is Civil Law?

civil law It is a branch of law that focuses on regulating legal relationships between private persons and the property that belongs to them. This branch of law covers a wide range of issues, including family law, inheritance law, property law, and obligation law.

The main objective of civil law is to protect the rights and freedoms of people in their private relationships. Civil law establishes the rules for relationships between individuals, including contracts, leases, sales, among others. In addition, civil law also establishes the rules for the care and protection of people’s assets and assets.

Its objective is to guarantee the protection of individual rights and regulate relations between private persons. At Bilanx, our team of Expert civil law lawyers in Barcelona can provide legal advice on a wide variety of civil matters, from contracts to civil disputes and family law.

Why choose our Civil Law law firm in Barcelona?

At Bilanx, we are a specialized civil law law firm in Barcelona and we provide our clients with high-quality service and effective legal solutions for their specific civil needs.

Our team of expert civil law lawyers has extensive experience in the Barcelona legal market, which allows us to provide our clients with specialized legal advice and a competitive advantage in any civil matter.

If you are looking for a group of expert lawyers in Civil Law in Barcelona, ​​you can opt for our professional firm. Choosing Bilanx is equivalent to selecting a group of highly qualified lawyers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Civil Law

Legal advice on civil liability is necessary when a person is responsible for causing damage to another, whether due to negligence, recklessness or breach of an obligation. A civil law attorney can help determine liability and seek appropriate compensation for affected parties.

In a divorce or separation proceeding, a lawyer specializing in civil law can advise the parties involved on their rights and obligations, mediate in the negotiation of custody and support agreements, and represent their client in legal proceedings if necessary.

A civil law lawyer can assist in the drafting and review of contracts, ensuring that they comply with current legislation, that the parties involved are protected, and that the terms and conditions of the contract are clear and understandable to everyone. In addition, a lawyer can advise on possible risks and consequences of each contractual clause.

If you are facing a dispute related to real rights, the first thing you should do is seek the advice of a lawyer specialized in civil law. This professional will evaluate the case and help you determine the best legal strategy to follow, either through extrajudicial negotiations or representation in a judicial process.

When managing an inheritance or succession, it is important to take into account aspects such as the identification and valuation of the assets of the deceased, the payment of debts and charges, the distribution of assets according to the law or will, and the settlement of related taxes. A specialized civil law lawyer can provide advice and support throughout the process, ensuring that all legal and tax requirements are met.

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