Insolvency proceedings

This pandemic that has reached our country in an aggressive and ferocious way is affecting different areas of our daily reality.

Our goal as consultantsis to try to guide you on the best way to overcome this crisis in the most appropriate and profitable way for your organization.

There are certain indicators that can be taken into account to see where we stand, before incurring liabilities that could be generated in the face of the administrators of the affected companies.

Insolvency proceedings

How to know if we should or should not think about filing for bankruptcy.

Insolvency proceedings must be filed when the company is in a situation of insolvency. The Insolvency Law states that a company is in a state of insolvency when the debtor is unable to regularly meet its due obligations.

However, insolvency proceedings are not always the solution or the way out of this crisis.

Contact our professionals and we will tell you, depending on your particular circumstances, what is the best solution and what are the steps to follow to get out of this situation without liabilities.

Loss of profits of company affected by Covid-19

The situation that our country and our companies are going through is unprecedented. Consequently, not only are new regulations emerging in this regard, but we must also be aware of the possibilities that we as businessmen must or can claim as holders of certain damage insurance policies (Law 50/1980 of the insurance contract), which entitle us to request the loss of profits caused by the loss of profits due to the interruption of our activity as a result of a specific contingency.

If you want to know what options you have, do not hesitate to contact our professionals who will tell you which is the route to follow, remember that it is essential to submit economic reports prepared by duly qualified professionals, which determine the situation of your company and the real impact it has had as a result of the pandemic in order to submit the claim to the insurance company.

It is also essential that these policies were contracted before the arrival of this Pandemic in our country.

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